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The California Thorns FC Academy is built with the purpose of empowering young women soccer players to rise up and achieve all of the goals they have set. Programs such as Life Academy, led by World Cup veteran Danielle Slaton, will mentor the Thorns players. Empowered as women by women and with the guidance of a successful Professional Team. With leadership training and character building, these young women will be playing at the highest level of soccer and also taught key life skills to help prepare them for college and their professional life, both on and off the field.


The California Thorns FC mission is to create the first fully integrated pathway for the young female athlete from youth soccer, to college and finally to the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) Portland Thorns FC.


The California Thorns have teams in the following age groups:

Girls Development Academy Teams
​U18/U19: Coaches Jeff Baicher and Tina Estrada
​U16/U17: Coach Lloyd Grist
​U15: Coach Lloyd Grist
U14: Coach Brandi Chastain
​U13: Pre-Academy Coach Matt Marques

California Thorns Teams
2010 G Academy Tom Brough
2009 G Academy Alex Booth
2009 G A II Mitchell Angeles
2009 G Blue Mitchell Angeles
2008 G Academy Alex Booth
2008 G A II Mitchell Angeles
2008 G  Blue Mitchell Angeles
2007 G Academy Kyle Valentine
2007 G A II Kyle Valentine
2006 G Academy Chris Stott
2006 G A II Craig MacMorland
2006 G Blue Chris Salcido
2005 G A II Simon Cook
2005 G BLUE Joe O'Hehir
2005 G BLACK Joe O'Hehir
2004 G Academy II Heather Matt
2004 G BLUE Joe O'Hehir
2004 G BLACK Craig Macmorland
2003 G Academy II Simon Cook
2003 G Blue Brendon Ruiz
2002 G Academy II Iman Siadat
2001 G Academy II Iman Siadat
2001 G Blue Iman Siadat
99/00 G Academy II Albert Serkis
99/00 G U19 BLUE Iman Siadat

​If you are interested in joining the California Thorns, please contact Lisa Wall