Year of Birth           Gender     Coach                      Contact
2009/10 (Younger) Boys          Chris Stott    
2009/10 (Younger) Girls           Alex Booth   
2008                         Boys           Josh Cannon
2008                         Girls           Alex Booth    
2007                         Boys           Sergi Tortell 
2007                         Girls           Jeff Baicher   
2006                         Boys           Lloyd Grist    
2006                         Girls           Heather Maat
2005                         Boys           Josh Cannon 
2005                         Girls           Simon Cook  
2004                         Boys          Chris Stott     
2004                         Girls           Matt Marquess​
2003                         Boys          Chris Stott     
2003                         Girls           Marc Kerrest

Be a part of the Thorns family!
For any players not playing competitive soccer, we will be having open sessions where you can take part in our training, meet coaches and have the chance to join.

All recreational players are welcome to join and try out for our competitive soccer program. 

Players born 2013-2010 are invited to join our sessions at John Mise Park, for those born 2009-2005 please contact and we'll have coaches personally invite to training sessions. 

Please email our Youth Director Tom Brough with any questions:

California Thorns and De Anza Force is the only youth soccer club with a 20 year history in creating a pathway of success for every level player from our 5 year old Force Futures and leading all the way to High School, Youth National Team, Collegiate athletes, National Team and Professional players. In two decades, we have been extremely proud to have players come through our program and develop into talented soccer players, good citizens and successful adults.

We have full time professional coaches and all levels of play from US Soccer Development Academy to NPL, Premier, Gold, Silver and Bronze teams. Our girls play for California Thorns while our boys playing for De Anza Force Soccer Club. JOIN US!


Age group coach contact information:

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